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British Airways A319 Euro Traveller


CHECK IN I arrived at T5 at 0645 via a coach which dropped me off on the ground floor, before jumping in a lift to Level 2 for departures. I had checked in online the night before my flight and had my boarding pass sent to my mobile via the British Airways app. Having only hand luggage I was able to go straight through to security at Terminal 5, located at either end of the terminal building. I headed for the far right hand side on entering the terminal as this was closer.

Security was in full flow at this time in the morning meaning that seven queues were operating with a guard to keep the distribution of people between them even. Once through security (laptops out, shoes on) I had a little time to browse and grab a coffee before heading down via an escalator to gate A10e, which opened at 0715.

BOARDING I boarded a bus at A10e which took 10 minutes to deliver us to the aircraft. This was followed by a long and slow moving staircase queue, with the final bus load of passengers boarding at 0745.

SEAT I had selected seat 4A which is located just behind three rows of Club Europe on this particular flight, meaning that the seat was as far forward as possible on my Euro Traveller ticket. The seat itself was actually one of two in a Club Europe configuration, with a small gap in the middle offering some extra space. However my fellow passenger assumed this space for her own and placed her bag and jacket there.

The advantage of this seat was that I could have both armrests to myself, but leg room was no different to the rest of the aircraft. The rest of the Euro Traveller section is configured 3-3, although this flight was not full, allowing many passengers to have a free middle seat. The A319 does not have IFE on board.

To see a seat plan of this aircraft click here.

FLIGHT  We eventually took off at 0815, 20 minutes late and breakfast was served soon after takeoff. This was a simple affair consisting of a small but tasty seeded roll with smoked ham and Emmental cheese with orange juice and tea or coffee. Despite warnings of turbulence the flight passed swiftly and comfortably and we touched down smoothly at 1050 local before a short bus transfer got us out of the rain and to the terminal building.

ARRIVAL A short walk up one flight of stairs to passport control, which was swift as it only had our small flight to deal with, and as I did not have to wait for baggage I was out of the terminal by 1110.

VERDICT A short flight with no problems either side. For a review of the return leg click here.



Seat pitch 30”

Price Fares through the BA website for a midweek flight in August start at around £204 return

Scott Carey