Good Advice Hand baggage rules

Thomas Cook

How many bags can I take on board?

You’re allowed one main piece of hand luggage.

How big can bags be?

The limit is 55x40x20cm

And how heavy?

The maximum is 6kg. The exception is flight-only bookings to the US in the Premium Cabin, where the limit is 10kg. Children can take on Trunki cases up to 6kg.

Any other items – laptops, duty free, wedding dresses?

Yes, you can also bring ONE item from the following list:

  • A laptop
  • An overcoat or blanket
  • A small ladies handbag or one small wrist-bag or one small bag with shoulder strap
  • An umbrella
  • A small camera and/or binoculars
  • Assisted devices of persons with disabilities
  • A ‘reasonable amount’ of reading material
  • Duty free items bought in departures or pre-ordered.
  • Infant food for consumption during the flight.

If you want to take a wedding dress on board, the normal weight and size rules apply, EXCEPT if you have booked a Thomas Cook wedding package and are flying with Thomas Cook Airlines. In this case, the hand baggage allowance provided is 11kg per person for the wedding couple only. This baggage must be split over two bags, one as 6kg and the other as 5kg and needs to be within the size restrictions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

Warning! Some passengers have been abusing their baggage limits. You know how it works, you either don’t show your extra bag at check in or you get the friend or relative who took you to the airport to look after it until you go through security.

Well, you’ve been rumbled and Thomas Cook isn’t taking too kindly to this. A crackdown at some UK airports (Thomas Cook hasn’t said which) means that if you arrive at the gate with more than one item of hand luggage, you run the risk of a fine of £50, £60 or £70 according to the duration of the flight.

What’s more, the bag will be put into the hold, so that china tea set you bought for your auntie in Alicante won’t look too clever when it arrives.

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