Good Advice Hand baggage rules


How many bags can I take on board?

One standard cabin bag plus another small bag. Infants up to 23 months do not get a baggage allowance, but a baby bag up to 5kg carried by the adult is permitted.

How big can bags be?

The bigger bag can be up to 55x40x20cm and the smaller one 35x20x20cm.

And how heavy?

The bigger bag can be up to 10kg. Ryanair does not give a limit for the smaller item.

Any other items – laptops, duty free, wedding dresses?

All these items except duty free are covered by the normal limit. Duty free purchases must fit into a bag or constitute one of your pieces of hand luggage.

Take note: Ryanair admits its planes can’t hold more than 90 large cabin bags, which means that on a fully-loaded flight of 189 passengers, up to 99 bags will go in the hold. It says passengers who have bought Priority Boarding will not be asked to put their bag in the hold “unless necessary for operational reasons”.

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